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The Cowboys Farms

Swiss Style Classic Muesli

Swiss Style Classic Muesli

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Need a little more excitement in your rise-and-shine? The Cowboys Farm Fruit & Nut Muesli is a tsunami of crunch. Our perfectly baked quinoa and jowar flakes are tossed with almonds & pumpkin seeds. Our signature muesli is sure to have you shouting, “YUMMY BREAK-FAST!” You can also munch on this with a bowl of yogurt or simply the way it is.

Top Highlights: - Absolutely Gluten Free - Strikingly Crunchy - High on Fiber - No Sweetener - No wheat flakes - No corn flakes

Allergen Alert:- This product is processed and packed in the facility where, peanuts, nuts, soya, wheat and oats are processed and packed.

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