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The Cowboys Farms

Jowar Millet Mix

Jowar Millet Mix

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The Cowboys Farm Jowar Mix is an innovative gluten free snack which is packed with 12.34 grams of protein per 100g and is immensely tasty. From the start, we were very clear that we wanted to create a snack that was close to our roots, at the same time it eliminated all the unhealthy ingredients that normally come with it.

Its well known that millets are a healthier choice. so in our mix, we replaced the traditional rice puffs with smoked jowar puffs. This adds a lot of nutrition and makes it a wholesome snack by itself. We also deleted the BESAN SEV and made sev from KABULI CHANA instead.

This makes it crunchier and at the same time increases the protein count per bite :) Our Jowar Mix is a great option for simple, anytime snacking, especially when on the go! Its a perfect snack to carry to work or pack it for the kids to school. Most of unhealthy eating is munched on between meals.

We thus packed this signature snack in sleek bottles that are easy to slip into any hand bag to carry around. You can now enjoy good taste with clean ingredients, and say goodbye to unhealthy munching!

Top Highlights: - Exceptionally Child Friendly - Absolutely Gluten Free - Protein Packed (12.34g/ 100g serving) - Superbly balanced taste - Strikingly Crunchy - High on Fiber

Ingredients: Jowar Flour, Rock Salt, Raw Sugar, Curry Leaves, Green Chilly, Groundnuts,
Chickpea & Cold pressed Sunflower oil.

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