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Crackling Rajma Chips - 340g

Crackling Rajma Chips - 340g

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As parents we are always concerned of what our kids eat especially when on the go! Chips are a comfort snack and there are tons of them out there. We wanted to replace the age old potato chips with a healthier option. Something that's crunchy, tasty and loved by kids!

This healthy new addition to our snacking segment is a unique high protein delicacy. Rajma - kidney beans is a fiber rich food which is a excellent for our digestive system and packed with Vitamins, iron and potassium.

This snack can be packed in the snack box for school or office and also be served at a party as a side. Its crunchy and satisfying! Surely difficult to say its Rajma!!

Ingredients ; Rajma, Rice Bran Oil, Tapioca Flour, Potato, Starch, Rice Flour, Black Salt & Condiments.

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