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The Cowboys Farms

Classic Banana Chips (400g)

Classic Banana Chips (400g)

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The Thrissur region of Kerala is one of the best places to grow Nendran bananas. The red soil & consistent climate make this region an exceptional environment for growing this worthy fruit. The Cowboys Farm Banana Chips start with bananas grown in this very region. Bunches are harvested by hand to reduce bruising. After harvest, the fruit are allowed to ripen and then carefully peeled by hand. Each one is further hand-fed into a cutting machine to further protect the fruit. The slices then take a quick dip in hot unrefined coconut oil, just until perfectly crisp. When your hand reaches into the jar, you’ll pull out a handful of crunchy, gluten free “chips” rich in taste and nutrients. These authentic chips are a superb standalone snack, they also synergize spectacularly with all kinds of dips. Loved by kids as well as grown ups... our delicious and healthy family snack is made in cold pressed coconut oil and not palm oil. These yummy chips are ideal for your mid-meal hunger pangs. With high potassium & rich in fiber this classic snack is a must have in every home. Made in small batches :) Top Highlights: - Absolutely Gluten Free - Superbly balanced taste - Strikingly Crunchy - High on Fibre

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