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Baked Jowar Puff Tangy Tomato

Baked Jowar Puff Tangy Tomato

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Our signature baked jowar puffs are the perfect mid meal snack which can be munched on anytime. Its an absolute snack lovers delight as its extra-crunchy and delicious!

Munch on a handful anytime you're craving a simple snack that really satisfies. Crumble them atop salads or open faced sandwiches or toss a few atop a bowl of soup! Its a perfect snack to carry to work or pack it for the kids to school while on the go! Top Highlights: - Absolutely Gluten Free - Superbly Baked Millet  - Strikingly Crunchy  - High on Fibre - Vegan - NO MSG - Non GMO Olive Oil (No refined oil)

Ingredients: Jowar Flour, Tomato Powder,  Cold pressed Olive Oil for seasoning only, Potato Starch, Anti Caking Agents & Salt.

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