By drinking A2 milk, one is no longer exposed to BCM-7 found in A1 milk, which has been linked to several health disorders.

A2 milk is a rich source of Vitamins. Minerals & Proteins which help the body in many ways.


    • Vitamin A – Important for vision & immunity
    • Vitamin D – Necessary to build teeth & bones
    • Vitamin B12 – Develops red blood cells & facilitates efficient use of protein in the body.
    • Riboflavin helps your body use carbohydrates for energy.


    • Calcium – Helps muscles function efficiently & regulates body blood pressure.
    • Phosphorous – Nurtures cell & tissue growth.
    • Potassium – Enhances the functioning of your body’s cells, tissues, and organs.


This Milk is a naturally rich in A2 Beta Casein and free from A1 Beta Casein.

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Free Grazing Native Indian Cows

At The Cowboys Farm, our cows spend time on lush pastures where they graze freely.

With access to open fields, fresh air, clean drinking water and shade, we ensure our cows live as close as possiable with nature.

It’s no surprise our refreshingly healthy and wholesome milk tastes so good!

From pastures free from urea and other chemical fertilizers and happy cows, we present pure milk and other dairy products the way it was meant to be. 

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Rohit Kumar

Milk is by far been the best that we've tasted in so many years of trying and testing various other options which includes not just the regular Packet milk or other similar brands...

Priya Agrawal

My experience with milk product has been fantastic. The service has been extremely punctual, very thoughtful and always prompt and on time. ​

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